Teaming up with Hook & Irons Co.

When Hook & Irons Co came to us looking for some inspiration to help promote their latest signature design, The Ladder Shop, we were honored to help. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out here. In just one and a half years since they opened their doors, they have almost 30,000 likes on facebook with a clientele that reaches as far as Australia! Here’s a brief description from their website about their latest design…

” For almost a hundred years, the San Francisco Ladder Shop has been building, maintaining and servicing all of the wooden ladders for the San Francisco Fire Department.  While SFFD is not the last department to use wooden ladders, they are the only one that builds their own. 

Hook & Irons Co. celebrates the history and the craftsmanship of the San Francisco Ladder Shop with our latest Signature Shirt.  Hand drawn by Tom Lane and printed using waterbase ink on a 100% cotton American Apparel Shirt, we have spared nothing to bring forward a design that matches the craftsmanship of San Fran’s great ladder shop.”


{Photography by Mayfly Photography. Vintage ladder from Unearthed Vintage}


{Photography by Mayfly Photography. Vintage ladder from Unearthed Vintage}


{Photography by Mayfly Photography. Chair and farmhouse table from Unearthed Vintage}


{Photography by Mayfly Photography. Farmhouse table from Unearthed Vintage}


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