As busy as can be

We’ve been busier than we could have ever imagined or hoped for, and we are incredibly thankful for that (I really can’t say it enough).  In the weeks since we’ve been back from Thailand, we styled a beautiful wedding, had many inquiries (which we’re so excited to work with ALL of you!), met with a few lovely brides, were asked to be part of a very exciting styled photoshoot with the talented Michelle March, traded in the Audi for a truck so we have enough space for all of our new finds, and just about doubled our inventory, essentially outgrowing our current warehouse space.

We are so thankful for everything that has come our way and how much potential we see in our future here in South Florida.  Our intentions were to write a post when we returned from Thailand to tell of our findings, and two things kept us from that:

1. We weren’t as fortunate with new finds as we had hoped for, which was more than okay with us, as we truly enjoyed our two weeks together as honeymooners on vacation and in love, exploring everything Thailand had to offer.

2. Time seems to be the one thing we can’t seem to get enough of these past few weeks. Finding the extra time to brainstorm and write a blog post has been near impossible.

In case you were wondering (or had any doubt), Thailand was amazing.  We rode and swam with elephants, went zip lining through the jungle, went deep water soloing (rock climbing on cliffs over deep water with no equipment other than our climbing shoes), and ran into some really cute monkeys on an afternoon beach walk, one of which was very fond of me (Katie) and climbed up on my shoulder to hang out for a while.


elephant kisses


just hanging out

Now back to business.

Within days of our return we met with a bride who was patiently waiting for us to return to the country.  We must emphasize her patience, as her wedding was only 7 days away when we had first met, and she kept the faith that we were worth her wait.  I can confidently say she was more than pleased with all that we did for her, and we were very excited for our first big wedding that we were able to help set up and style!  Congrats to Jovi and Matt on their big day, and a big thank you for allowing us to help make it happen!  Here are a couple photos of our set up process that day:


dessert table set up by unearthed vintage, baked goods by mama’s sweet designs.


place settings by unearthed vintage.

With all of our new finds, along with our upcoming events and stylings, we plan to update our website as soon as we have enough time to do a proper shoot!  For now, your best bet is to follow us on Instagram via Twitter and Facebook, or better yet, schedule an appointment to come by and browse our  newest finds.  We promise you won’t be disappointed!


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