Our story

Those of you who have been following us since the beginning probably have an idea of how we got started. With the debut of our new website, we thought this would be a perfect time to share our story with you. Here’s our story brought to life by the very talented folks at Visual Creatives

and on that note, we would also like to invite you to our newly developed website created by the masterminds at Paradox Design Studio. They’ve spent countless hours designing and creating our new website to our every last detail. Without further adieu, we present to you the new look for Unearthed Vintage. {pssst….click on the link <— }


New look, new website: Unearthed Vintage

We’ve been at the edge of our seats waiting to debut our new and improved website and the time has finally come! A very special thanks to Ambert, Melissa and the rest of the team at Paradox Design Studio for creating the perfect design and virtual face to our name. We are also excited to announce that our new website is integrated with the inventory management software from R.W. Elephant. The official launch date will be Monday, August 26th. For now, here’s a partial snapshot of our main page.

Website SS

Upcoming showcase at Curtiss Mansion

Come visit our setup at the Curtiss Mansion next month on Sunday, October 6th, where we will be showcasing some of our latest pieces in the collection.


New additions to our collection of consoles, vanities, buffets & side tables

After our last buying trip through Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia, we came back with a lot of new pieces to add to our collection. These are just a few snapshots of some of the finds from our trip that are now available to rent for your next event.

photo 2 (15)

photo 1 (13)

photo 1 (14)

photo 1 (15)

photo 5 (2)

photo 4 (8)

photo 3 (10)

photo 2 (13)

photo 5 (1)

photo 4 (9)

photo 2 (14)

The last table below is actually one of our custom cocktail tables that we made from solid cast iron bases and reclaimed white pine tops. One of the many details that sets us apart from other vintage rental companies in South Florida is that we only use reclaimed lumber for our table tops that is sometimes over 100 years old. Most of our reclaimed lumber comes from old barns in Tennessee that have been dismantled and repurposed.

We strive to maintain true to our passion by providing our clients with actual vintage furniture and custom pieces and not furniture that is new and made to look “vintage”. We hope that you can appreciate this effort and appreciate the true nature of our vintage collection.

– Jovan & Katie

Please send any inquiries to info@unearthedvintage.com

photo 3 (11)

Journey to picking: 127 corridor sale 2013

If you’re trying to reach us over the next 5 days, we’ll be at the worlds longest picker’s paradise of a yard-sale. Also known as the “127 mile yard-sale“, it actually stretches over 690 miles starting in Michigan and ending in Alabama.


We have our hearts set on filling up our 26 foot box truck until it’s bursting at the seams! We’ll be sure to blog about all of our new finds when we return. Wish us luck!

Teaming up with Hook & Irons Co.

When Hook & Irons Co came to us looking for some inspiration to help promote their latest signature design, The Ladder Shop, we were honored to help. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out here. In just one and a half years since they opened their doors, they have almost 30,000 likes on facebook with a clientele that reaches as far as Australia! Here’s a brief description from their website about their latest design…

” For almost a hundred years, the San Francisco Ladder Shop has been building, maintaining and servicing all of the wooden ladders for the San Francisco Fire Department.  While SFFD is not the last department to use wooden ladders, they are the only one that builds their own. 

Hook & Irons Co. celebrates the history and the craftsmanship of the San Francisco Ladder Shop with our latest Signature Shirt.  Hand drawn by Tom Lane and printed using waterbase ink on a 100% cotton American Apparel Shirt, we have spared nothing to bring forward a design that matches the craftsmanship of San Fran’s great ladder shop.”


{Photography by Mayfly Photography. Vintage ladder from Unearthed Vintage}


{Photography by Mayfly Photography. Vintage ladder from Unearthed Vintage}


{Photography by Mayfly Photography. Chair and farmhouse table from Unearthed Vintage}


{Photography by Mayfly Photography. Farmhouse table from Unearthed Vintage}

A new look revealed!

Hi Everyone!

We hope you’re having a great summer so far spending time at the beach and vacationing with your family and friends. We’ve been busy working on some really great updates that we can’t wait to share with you. The one we’re most excited to finally reveal? Our new website! Get ready for lots of new images of our ever-growing collection {courtesy of the amazing Michelle March}, some great images of the wonderful couples we’ve worked with this past year, and lots more.

We can’t rave enough about Ambert and Melissa at Paradox Creates and all that they’ve been working on behind the scenes. We’re looking forward to celebrating with them once it makes its big debut!  Look at what they’ve been working on for us:

Website Preview

{ P.S. – to all of the amazing couples we’ve worked with, if we styled and/or provided rentals for your wedding and you want to be part of our new updates, let us know. We’d love the opportunity to share your photos. Be sure to send us any high res images you’d like to share along with who your photographer was so we can post them.}